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Digital for Marketing professionals

For digital marketing professionals

    Programme objective

    Where you will gain practical advice on solving your ongoing digital marketing challenges. To help accelerate your career and deliver better results you will also learn a holistic & innovative vision of digital marketing and become a full stack digital marketer Typical topics we discuss and problems we solve including: *In depth understanding into how we can identify the most profitable digital channels for your business, invest in them, and optimize for better results. *A comprehensive understanding the different steps of the funnel and be able to create specific strategies for each one. *Become able to convert & track web traffic into sales. *Mastering the strategies, tools (Google Ads, Facebook/Insta Ads, etc.) and techniques necessary for growing a brand and increasing sales. *Becoming familiar with all the digital tools that can help maximize and improve the overall online customer experience. *Key tactics for accelerating conversion rate. 15-day money-back guarantee

    This programme is for…

    Aspiring entrepreneurs pursuing the inspiration and tools they need to launch or scale their business.

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