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Rapidly find & test breakthrough ideas with super tools & guidance from our strategists and innovative digital experts.

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We help businesses innovate smarter & grow faster by incubating new ventures, developing go-to-market strategies, empower product ideation and helping to uncover & assess new business opportunities

The Edge Tool set including "Edge Idea Creation & prioritisation tool" & "Edge Prediction Analysis & Learning tool" combine
d with our expert business coaches speed up the time to find breakthrough innovations by over 35%

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Our goal is to help customers identify breakout innovations & drive action

To facilitate fast results it works in 10 week sprint cycles supported by a unique set of SaaS tools to speed up innovation, differentiation and growth.

Our easy-to-use platform encompasses key tools,  methods & training, supported by our expert mentors drive growth focused innovation.

"The Edge team helped unlock our USP" CEO,

"Helps make innovation a reality" B2B Travel Company CEO

"Uncovers innovation to our most challenging problems" B Corp sunglass company Founder

"Acquired more confidence in transforming ideas into a living venture" PR agency Director

Innovate smarter. Find your edge and grow faster

Our proven method of fast growth through innovation


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Joel Davis, Edge Founder

Winner of FT's Europe's Fastest Growing Companies, INC & 4X Deloitte Winner.

Forbes Business Council 2023

"Personally I love seeing our customers build a pipeline of experiments that are designed to either fail fast or disrupt their market and propel growth.



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© 2023 by THE EDGE   Growth Accelerator.   Our HQ is based in London, UK

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